30 Days After Thrive – Week #6

Good Monday Morning,


Congratulations – You have made it!  You have THRIVED for 30 Days!


You have kept your heart soft and your mind renewed.  You have taken ACTION.  You have learned the power of Thriving NOW.


Excited to CHECK IN with you heading into week 6:

  • How would you summarize the last 30 days in just a few words?
  • How are you different & what have you figured out that really works for you & keeps you thriving?
  • What has changed in the way you ‘do’ discipleship?
  • What were some of the victories you enjoyed?
  • How did having a THRIVE partner help you on your journey?  How do plan to continue that relationship?


Week Six:  THRIVING Intentionally

Most of us do not wake up, and from second 1 of consciousness, hit the ground running at full Thrive-Ability.


Like great sprinters, there is a warm up process – ‘Morning Routine’ & then off we go.


What ‘Morning Routine’ have you found that gets your Thrive-Engine fired up and running at full capacity?


Those who rely just on emotions and feelings to Thrive, rarely sustain the Thrive-Ability they need to rise above the adverse circumstances and trials of the day and their life.


How are you purposefully and intentionally creating a Thrive Routine?


In Luke 9:51, we see Jesus being intentional:
51 As the time approached for him to be taken up to heaven, Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem.


Resolutely: in an admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering manner.


It is amazing what happens in our DAILY lives when we become resolute about our Thrive Time.  We gain focus, clarity and a deeper reliance on God.


Isaiah 32:8 Speaks about intentionality & nobility.
“But the noble make noble plans, and by noble deeds they stand.”


Noble: of excellent or superior quality


I love this scripture, but to be honest, previously it overwhelmed me.


I would spend hours making plans, striving to make them noble & then live them out; most of the time my mind in the future.


I was reading Time Warrior by Steve Chandler & found these practical’s to be very useful in helping me to resolve to make noble plans and then live out the plans nobly.

  • Make short-term process goals
  • Be brief.  Be swift.  Be effective. Make it fun.
  • Be very specific.
  • Create small projects and small adventures that lead me to my grand vision
  • Just get into action – happiness is something you feel later…after you have been in action for a while
  • Don’t hold your happiness hostage to achievements of long-term goals.
  • Don’t create your year, create your day!
  • Thinking and thinking of the worst-case scenarios scare us into putting everything off.  ACTION is the ANSWER!  But not always big action – Try 3 minutes!   Small actions – any actions….
  • Keep my life creative and simple – what can I do in 3 minutes?


Application / Practical’s:

  1. I will choose to be intentional in my walk with God & to grow in my THRIVE by committing to _______________.
  2. In putting together or adjusting my routine, I will take the following advice from this list above _____________, ________________, ______________.
  3. I will keep my life creative and simple by committing to ___________________.


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